Birth Days

Age is a factor we acknowledge each year.
We face it with dread, or embrace it with cheer.
We add a one to the year just past,
Pausing in wonder how it went so fast!

The date when first we entered this world,
And life, like a rose, the petals uncurled.
A young bud, closed, tight and strong,
Danced with the wind to the moon’s love songs.

With warmth and love, the petals unfold
Revealing a palette of colors so bold,
Red and yellow, green and blue,
Each color special in the spectrum of hues.

Along comes Life with pests and storms,
But love from the Sun sustains and warms.
A thirst for knowledge of the world around,
Petals open wide to the gifts that abound.

Life, like a rose is more beautiful each day.
Ponder this point as you greet the day.
Face the Wind, Dance in the Sun,
Smell the Rose, and Thank the One.

Source of Inspiration for Birth Days
In celebration of my brother’s birthday, I wrote this poem for his birthday card. We should always celebrate birthdays and the gift of life!
Birth Days was published in the book The Best Poems and Poets of 2002, and was recorded for audio tapes and is in the National Library of Poetry.

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