Jan Hetherly’s Poetry Resume

“Creatures of Love”, in Surrounded by Dreams, published by The National Library of Poetry and   recorded for the National Library of Poetry. 1998

“The Sea of Stones”, in Whispers of Wind, published by the International Library of Poetry. 1999

Masters Level Poetry Course offered by the International Society of Poets for a select group of poets to increase their skills and knowledge of poetry 2001-2003

5 Books Published by Noble House, London, England.

2004 – Colours of the Heart, “Weathered Love”, Featured Poet (first page placement)

2005 – Labours of Love, “Dyslexia”, Featured Poet

2006 – Songs of Honour, “Katrina’s Heroes”, Featured Poet

2007 – Centres of Expression, “Katrina’s Heroes”, Featured Poet

2007 – Centres of Expression, “Good Friday”, Featured Poet

2005 – Editor’s Choice Award, The International Library of Poetry

2006 – Awarded a Poet Fellow by Noble House, London, England

2010 – 3rd Place Honors in National Amateur Poetry Competition, “Nature’s Symphony”

Best Poems and Poets

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004,2005, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2014

International Who’s Who in Poetry

2004 – One of 4 Featured International Poets and the only American, “The                     Reunion”

2005 – Featured Poet, “Villanelle of War”

2007 – Featured Poet, “The Long and Short of Shadows”

2012 – “Crosswords”

Who’s Who in American Poetry

2013 – “Words, Like Chambered Bullets, A Villanelle of Hope

2014 – “Bucolic Way”

2015 – “The Great American Games”, American Poet, a multi series published in celebration of the election year

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