A Mother’s Heart

A Mother’s heart
Broken by pain,
The ache so intense
It’d drive you insane.
A hole in her heart,
A scar left by death.
Despair, such despair
Chokes every breath.
An angel, a gift
Once safe in her arms
Cradled by love
Warding off harms.
One fleeting moment
Just a turn of the head
In rushes danger,
The devil’s soul fed.
Stunned by the sting,
Blank stare of disbelief
Anguish, then anger.
Blind rage, bitter grief!

Alas, a whisper
Warmed the cold wind.
Peace o’er took pain,
A message He’s send.
“The devil’s web
Of disease and deceit
Lays hold of sweet souls
In a faltering heart beat.
But he’ll not have this one!
In My arms she rests,
Safe and secure,
Nestled to My breast.
Young Mother, dear Child,
My Heart’s broken, too.
The devil’s evil scheme
Changed My blueprint, too.
But know I am with you
My strength will abide
I’ll blanket you in peace
Your pain will subside”

Source of Inspiration for A Mother’s Heart
Just before moving back to Texas, some dear friends of ours called with news of the death of their three year old daughter to Ries Syndrome.  I was utterly devastated!  As a writer, my way of releasing anger and pain was through words.  So I sat down to write these words.  However, I couldn’t finish it until several months later.  It was just too painful.
A Mother’s Heart was published in The Best Poems and Poets of 2001.

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