Weathered Love

As the gentle rain caresses and nourishes
Tender fibers of Spring’s virgin seed,
So his love bathes my heart, my soul,
Saturating every pore, sating every need.

Love’s tender shoots burst with frenzied fervor,
Heeding not ethereal time.
Fibril scions strengthen as trust imbues
Affirming refuge from variable clime.

But a vile world’s hate will blow hard and cold
A thunderstorm of prejudice, jealousy, and pride.
Fierce thunder will threaten; brash lightning will flash,
But true love will endure Life’s inevitable chide.

Source of Inspiration for Weathered Love
I beg the readers indulgence with yet another poem about love.  But what better words to paint the Colours of the Heart?  After 33 years of marriage, I know the passion and pain of love.  I know the rarity, strength, and power of true love.  And I know that true love is worth all the time and fortitude it takes to safeguard the health of such a gifted relationship.  Never take love for granted!
Weathered Love was published in Colours Of The Heart, Noble House, London, 2004.

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