The Timid Prayer

Lord, I speak these words with care,
Are You listening?  Are You there?
Will You laugh or think me dumb,
This wee voice from which it comes?

When I come to You in prayer
How will I know that You are there?
Will You find my words too thin?
Will You answer one so full of sin?

When the world demands so much of me,
Will You calm my soul as You do the sea?
My tasks are great; I am so small
I fear the failure worst of all.

Lord, if I give my fears up to You,
Will You give me strength to see it through?
Will You set a path for me to walk?
Will You nudge me on when I start to balk?

Lord, I know, there’s no other way,
But will You walk with me everyday?
Will You help me the right words to say?
Lord, will You teach me how to pray?

Source of Inspiration for The Timid Prayer
Yvonne answered a call to work as a Youth Director for a large church in Florida.  But as an emerging Christian, she had to learn the art of prayer.  Yvonne’s story and poem of how prayer affected her life were featured in a church publication created for Commitment Sunday.

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