Invisible People

Your eyes fall not on mine eyes,
Rather into an oblivious distance.
Thus, I am invisible.
I make no foot prints, no shadow.
I do not exist.
Our world, a lonely world, relationships over waves and wires.
No faces.  No smiles.  No kindness.  No worthiness.
Am I not worthy of your smile, your kind, “Hello”?
Oddly, the only face of Jesus one might see today is
Your face.
Is it a face of love?  Is it a kind smile?  Is it a reassuring acceptance?
You speak volumns with your oblivious demeanor.
Silent words of unacceptance.
The homeless man…Is he not worthy of your smile, your eyes of recognition.
Unless you are willing to live a life walking in the footsteps of the Lord,
You cannot be called a Christian.
Do you want to be a follower?
Give me your eyes of recognition
Your smile of acceptance.
Your words of worthiness.
Your face……….of Jesus.

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