Villanelle of War

War’s the norm in the world today.
Ancient lands mourn under the veil.
History repeats another day.

Terror and grief are here to stay.
Disease and death may come by mail.
War’s the norm in the world today.

Beware! the Jew, the Black, the Gay,
The holy fiend your worlds assail.
History repeats another day.

Naive children in streets at play,
Now die for Allah’s immortal tale.
War’s the norm in the world today.

Ancient powers with laws of clay.
Fanatics rise, then falter, then fall.
History repeats another day.

The fabrics of life change and fray,
But good over evil, we pray, prevail.
Still, war’s the norm in the world today.
History repeats another day.


Source of Inspiration for Villanelle of War
This poem, Villanelle of War, brought me unbelievable recognition from the international poetry community.  It was published in The International Who’s Who in Poetry, 2005.  In this book they chose 4 international poets, one from Mexico, one from Denmark, St. Lucia, and I was the only American!  I was completely blown away by this honor.  In the introduction of the four featured poets, this is what they wrote:  FEATURED POETS.…..We begin this directory with a diverse sampling of poets and poetry from around the world.  While varying greatly in subject and style, all of these featured poets honor the passionate art of poetry by gracefully and courageously exploring their most intimate thoughts and emotions.  It is our hope that all those who read these selections will be inspired and encouraged to pursue their own creative form of self-expression.  

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